Posted by: tammyspianostudio | November 8, 2010

More Music APPS…

that I would recommend for a piano student are:

  • Just Practice!   (create your list of pieces with goals for the week; log each session; metronome included which also remembers your last setting for each piece; record yourself for self-evaluation; badge to remind you how much is left to practice for the day; help screens)
  • Touch Piano!   (a basic piano keyboard ~ play individual notes or chords)
  • Rhythm Quiz (this tracks the attack & release of the note, teaching you to sustain notes for their full values)
  • Music Tool LE (reference tool for key signatures, scales, modes, etc.  Need help understanding your Technique Binder?  This is the App for you!)
  • Simple Songwriter LE (create songs on your iPhone, iTouch, or iPad; generate song ideas, record song ideas; find chords that sound great together; instantly change the key of your song, etc.)
  • Slow Down Music Player (slows down or speeds up playback without changing the pitch ~ great for transcribing music)

Random, but Rhythmical Apps:

  • Simon EVO Lite (the classic version of “Simon”; great memory booster at any age)
  • Percussive $1.99   (5 instruments: glockenspiel, kalimba, xylophone, vibraphone, marimba ~ remarkable sound quality…parents, accompany your child with a steady beat on one of those instruments…more than one iPhone/…in the house?  Create a percussive ensemble that accompanies your pianist.)
  • myDrum Pad $1.99   (multi-touch drum pad to play beats, drums, hi-hats, guitar strums & other sounds; download more free sounds)
  • Cat Piano Jr (entertaining with 3 voices: angelic meow, house cat, furball meow ~ your cats might love it)
  • Dog Piano Jr (entertaining with 3 voices: K9 unit, good dog, and scrappy dog ~ your dogs will perk up their ears)

All of these apps are FREE unless specified and can be found here


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