Posted by: tammyspianostudio | December 8, 2010

To see your YouTube video…

click on “Playlist” and then “Christmas by Students“.  The newest videos are posted on the studio YouTube Channel while the older (even a day or two old) pieces go to the bottom of the list or become invisible.  You may also click on “Related Videos” in the lower right corner.  Some people have wondered why their videos have disappeared and I think these two ways will help solve their problem.  If it does not, please email me and I will help you navigate the channel.

We will continue to record videos in 2011 as students polish repertoire.  This is an excellent way to become better in listening to your own playing and being objective when it comes to important details such as dynamic color, articulation, setting a mood or character for the piece, phrasing and making the melody and overall piece interesting so it tells a story, etc.

This YouTube Performance Evaluation sheet is a great worksheet to save on your computer…or print and keep multiple copies on hand at all times…because the student will use this page every time they listen to their own performance.   Since no two performers are alike, I will even assign this page (it is really a half-page worksheet ~ two on one sheet) when listening to another performer.  If someone else is performing your same piece, it is interesting to listen to what you like best about their performance, what you like the least, and what you think they could have done to make their performance more musical.

Happy practicing!


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