Posted by: tammyspianostudio | January 2, 2011

Listening 15

We begin the New Year with music by Johann Sebastian Bach, one of the most famous composers of all time.  This large piece of music is like the ‘tag team’ of wrestling, but in a musical way.  There are two groups and they each take turns playing.  Sometimes the two groups play at the same time and in ensemble playing this is called ‘tutti’.  You will hear movement one today.  Bring page 2 to your lesson and tell me what you thought of this music.  Write your answers in complete sentences, put your first and last name at the top along with the date for a chance to earn an extra number this week.  Stay on top of listening assignments ~ this offer expires on this particular assignment on January 13.

  • What did you like best about it?
  • What did you like least?
  • Would you recommend this piece of music to a friend?
  • Why or why not?

Activity Sheet:  Bach ~ Brandenburg Concerto No. 2

Hear the Music: Bach ~ Brandenburg Concerto No. 2


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