Posted by: tammyspianostudio | January 29, 2011

How Musical Are You?

The “Music, Mind, and Brain Research Group” at Goldsmiths (University of London) developed a test to help determine musical aptitude of all types of people.  The test takes 25 minutes and the research group hopes that test takers will “discover [their] complex relationship with music“.  I have taken the test, completely enjoyed it, and recommend it to anyone whether you are musically trained or not. A quick registration with BBC is required to take the test.

People with no musical training, in fact, will be able to do just as well on the test as people who have had formal training.  Every type of person can freely partake of the questions and musical puzzles.  For all who do not play an instrument or sing, but you play the iPod, radio, XM, or CD player extremely well, this musical test is for you, too.

The test rates 10 areas (6 by questionnaire and 4 by musical “puzzles” or tests):

  • Enthusiasm for music – how important music is to you in your daily life
  • Musical perception – how well you understand the qualities of music, such as rhythm, tuning, and genre
  • Emotional connection to music – how music affects your moods and feelings
  • Social creativity – how well you memorize new melodies or songs, create new music, and how confident you feel to join in with others when learning a new song
  • Musical curiosity – how open you are to exploring new musical genres and artists (composers).
  • Your musical test scores – Group the Music, Match the Beat, Tap the Beat, and Melody Memory

Would you like to know how I did on the test?  Just ask!


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