Posted by: tammyspianostudio | February 28, 2011

Listening 23

George Frederic Handel may be most famous for composing “The Hallelujah Chorus” from a larger work called “The Messiah”.  This week’s listening assignment is from another one of Handel’s famous pieces, “Water Music” – a piece King George I (not King George VI from the movie “The King’s Speech”)  asked Handel to write for a big party on the Thames river in London.  Sound really carries across the water, so as you listen to this piece, picture what it might be like to hear this piece on nearby Lake Cachuma or on two boats going side by side out to the Channel Islands.  I wonder what the whales and dolphins would think of that?  What would your music sound like if Mayor Lavagnino or Governor Brown asked you to write a composition for a party on one of our beautiful beaches?

Activity Sheet: Handel:  “Hornpipe” from Water Music

Hear the Music George Frederic Handel: Water Music

Many brides and grooms enjoy having this piece played in their wedding, as they retreat down the aisle, after being introduced as “Mr. and Mrs. So-and-So”.


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