Posted by: tammyspianostudio | March 7, 2011

Listening 24

Welcome to week 24!  Current students, please bring in both completed Activity Sheet pages to your next lesson.  These are an excellent listening guide while you experience some of Beethoven’s music.  Just like these Activity Sheets provide you with an outline of what to listen for, you should do the same when starting a new piece of music.  Look through the piece first and notice the key signature and what it means, are there any melodic or rhythmic patterns that repeat later in the piece, what dynamics should be played and when, why kind of articulation does the piece have, what is the overall mood or character of the piece (does the title give a hint?), what is the performance tempo going to be and what would a good study or practice tempo be?  These are the very things that go into making a good listening guide or Activity Sheet.  You can become a better pianist this week by putting these same things into practice.

Activity Sheet Ludwig van Beethoven:  Symphony No. 8:  2nd movement

Hear the Music Ludwig van Beethoven:  Symphony No. 8, movement 2


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