Posted by: tammyspianostudio | March 21, 2011

Recital Invitations

While listening to a blog about knitting (it’s true – I pass time in the car listening to things other than piano sometimes), the KnitCents lady talked about  This is a free party or event invitation planning website.  If my young child were in a recital and I wanted to invite his teacher, friend, or Aunt Frieda, I think I would consider making one of these and emailing it.

I hope you can see the sample below that I made.  Of course, I don’t want nor do I expect anyone to respond to mine.  It ‘s just to show you what is possible.  To make your own with this same stationery, or to see the other music stationery, first scroll down to and click on “Themes”  when the Birthday Cards come up.  Then you can click on the sub-category “Music/Dance” and go to the 4th page.  (While I haven’t tried this out yet, the KnitCents lady also said that you can import your address book, design birthday cards, and choose the date to automatically email them out.)

If you check it out, let me know what you think!


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